Our Progress

Final Product!

Here we are, all ready for a new family to move right in. This project started with a worn out home and have brought it back to life for the next family to enjoy for years to come. Included are some before and after photos in this post for you to see how we can change your space in just a few days. Please call or email us to discuss your project today. See you on the next project...

Day 25-30

It all goes so fast at the end. Sorry the step by step wasn't more detailed. In the final days, we have gotten all of the fixtures in the bathrooms, the backsplash into the kitchen and miscellaneous hardware installed. Its still a construction zone, but tomorrow we'll be ready for appliances and a final cleaning.

Day 17-19

Bathrooms have the tubs installed and the tile is going in. Drywall is being finished elsewhere in the home. Countertops are coming soon and doors and trim have all been painted and hung.

Day 14-16

For the past few days, there has been lots of progress. All of the preparation and planning is paying off here. A change of plans to add in an extra bathroom held us up for a minute with getting plumbing installed and inspected by the city. Again though, the city was plenty helpful in getting our permits processed in a timely manner and the inspector was easy to deal with. We are now on our way to pour the concrete back over the new drain lines. It's time to start putting the finishing touches on these bathrooms!

Day 13

Kitchen cabinets have been installed, and flooring is going in quickly! Most of the doors have been framed and fitted to each location.

Day 12

The new steel roof was installed today! It looks so good. Our window inspection passed, first time through. Working with the city has been easy. Their new online permit application system is relatively easy to work with and the staff downtown is more than willing to help out if we need any technical assistance.

Days 10-11

The Kitchen layout is coming together with the original wall trimmed down between the living room and the kitchen area. Electrical updates include new recessed lighting in the kitchen and living room as well as hard wired smoke alarms for safety. Plumbing has been replaced and new bathroom has been framed in. We have also been able to sneak in a great linen closet and a full laundry station for the family. And...flooring selection has been made ?

Day 7-9

In the past few days we have really gotten the exterior of the house in shape. The brick has been cleaned, repaired, primed and painted. The gray paint really brings an updated and clean feeling to the home. All of the windows have been replaced and the siding has been stripped from the front of the house in preparation for new board and baton siding. Inside, we had a small change of plans. We've decided that two bathrooms are better than one. We have decided to convert the awkward storage area and closet into a master bathroom. This area of the house has been gutted and is getting ready for transformation. Also, we have had the furnace and AC replaced and all of the ductwork professionally cleaned.

Day 6

We continued the work on the walls inside, but the real highlights were outside today. We broke out the power-washer and seems like we might even be able to save the siding. It's amazing what power-washing the exterior can do for appearances. We did discover some mortar work that required repair thankfully we could stop the issue in its tracks. On a lighter note, the color scheme of the home wasn't giving the property any help, so we painted the roof trim and brickwork to increase the curb appeal.

Day 5

Today we got back indoors and started to get the walls in shape. Lots of patching and primer so we can give the remodel that picture perfect finish. We also got a present this morning from our supplier, a full set of kitchen cabinetry. We love the choice of color, and the styling really modernizes the kitchen immediately. The layout of cabinetry has been adjusted to better use the space and provide more storage for our clients.

Day 4

We always keep the project moving forward. So, today the focus was outside while waiting for deliveries. That unsightly tree blocking natural light from entering the living spaces was removed. We had to take on the tree that was hanging on the roof, so that once the new roof was installed, there would be no chance of damage. Once the overgrowth was cut back, we even discovered the rest of the driveway. Another dump trailer was filled and hauled away. Not a bad days work.

Day 3

The dilapidated interior really had to go so we could start bringing in the new! So today we got to gutting the property and filled a dump trailer with the unappealing kitchen, bathroom, carpeting, trim, and anything else that doesn't match our client's vision. We had to take bath down to studs it had definitely seen better days, but we can start fresh and give it new life.

Day 2

The electrical on the property was still using a fuse box so we need to bring the property in the modern age with a brand-new electrical panel. Before we could even get started, we needed to clear some of the overgrowth to be able to get to work. Once we fought back the plant life we brought in new upper and lower service lines to make sure there would be no issues on the property long term, installed new AC disconnect wiring, and even found some time to install some new lighting in bedrooms, kitchen and living areas.

Day 1

This house has been neglected as you can see from our day 1 gallery. We are starting the cleaning inside and out. The property is just old, not abused and has bones worth saving. The dated siding, kitchen cabinets, and appliances are going to have to go. We are definitely going to have to clear the brush to see the property in all its glory though.